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The Hunt is BACK!

5th Annual -The Great Erie Yule Log Hunt is a scavenger hunt that sends Yule Log Hunters on daily missions to crack codes and find answers that will lead them to the hiding place of the Great Erie Yule Log (a.k.a. the BIG prize!)

Daily links will be posted to take you to the start of each day's clues! After you get to the final clue each day, you can submit your daily answer by clicking the button below!

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Step 1:  Follow us on Facebook
Step 2:  Check the Facebook page each day after 9:00am to get that day’s clue
Step 3:   Solve the daily clue by following the directions given - this may require some driving, and may not be limited to Erie town limits.
Step 4:  Return to this webpage and submit your answer to that day’s clue.  Your answer won’t be accepted unless it is correct, so keep trying if you’ve gotten it wrong!
Step 5; Put together all of the daily clues to find the solution to the final location of the Yule log
Step 6: Go to the final location on the last day of the hunt, find the Yule log, and WIN BIG!

Got a late start to the game? 

No problem! Go to FB and follow each link to the daily clues. The daily clues will remain posted and available until the final day of the hunt. You are not eligible for daily prizes after that day has passed, but you CAN still gather clues to help you find the Yule Log's final location. 

How to be eligible to win prizes:

  • You must be 18 or older to win
  • Only Erie residents are eligible to win prizes and you may be required to show proof of residency
  • Answers MUST be submitted by 8:00pm on the day the clue is posted to be eligible for that day’s prize drawing
  • Winners of the Daily Prize will be drawn from everyone who enters the correct clue on that day and will be announced on the FB page before the start of the next day’s hunt
  • The winner of the Daily Prize will receive a basket of prizes worth over $150!
  • GRAND PRIZE: Be the 1st person to find the Great Erie Yule Log on the final day of the hunt and take home a prize basket worth over $1,000 from local businesses!
  • Participants who answer correctly every day will also be entered to win 1 of 2 Gold Star baskets worth over $500!
  • Participants are eligible to win the daily prize basket only once, but everyone is eligible to win the grand prize basket
  • Daily prize basket winners are eligible to win the Gold Star baskets
  • The Grand Prize winner is not eligible to win a Gold Star basket

Other Details:

  • All daily winners will be notified via email & their name will be announced our Facebook Page
  • Daily prize basket delivery will be coordinated with each winner
  • By participating, you authorize the affiliated businesses to use your likeness in advertisements associated with the event and/or their business(es)
  • All winners agree to have their picture taken with their prize
  • Be sure to bring a smartphone with you on days where the hunt takes you to a physical location, you’ll need it to solve the clues
  • You may need to know things about participating businesses to follow the hunt.  Use the website to help you find the info you need
  • It’s a good idea to keep your web browser open each day when following the clues so that you can easily get back to the webpage to enter your answer
  • The final Yule Log location will not be available until 9:00am the last day of the Hunt so come early at your own risk
  • This hunt is put on by local Erie and surrounding area business owners, most of whom are also Erie residents.  We create this hunt to bring joy to our friends and neighbors during the holiday season.  We want you to have fun while playing this event that we have lovingly crafted for you.  Please be wonderful to your fellow hunters, and we warmly hope that you have a blast playing and engaging with your local small businesses
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